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Recycle Junk – Junk Removal expert

Recycle Junk provides junk removal services across the island of Montreal. Our dedicated team will help you get rid of your junk in no time. We specialize in removing a variety of junk, unwanted or broken items and overall waste.

Junk removal services

Our services include appliance removal, mattress disposal, tire and scrap metal removing, garbage removal, construction removal, electronics recycling and much more. For a complete list of our junk removal services, view our full-service junk information.

We strongly believe in reducing the amount of waste added to landfills. We work with various organizations to help recycle your items as much as possible and give your old things a new home. For example, furniture and appliances in good condition are donated to charity. Other items that cannot be donated are carefully disposed of at designated facilities.

Simple junk removal appointments

We believe is clear and transparent pricing. Learn more about how much we charge for various load volumes and single items.

Did you know that you can easily book your appointment and schedule a junk removal pickup directly online? If you have junk or waste that you would like to get rid off, we invite you to give us a call today at 1-844-744-5865 or send us a detailed message. It will be our pleasure to explain our services and help you with your junk removal needs.

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User Reviews

The team was awesome in all aspects – very respectful and courteous. I was extremely pleased with the overall experience and wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again and to recommend this service to others.
Jean-Pierre Lapointe
Availability even on short notice. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They did a very fast and excellent work. The price is right for a hassle free junk removal.
James Morgan
They were fast and efficient appreciated the quickness Of the two gentlemen and very polite
Mary Duncan