We are a devoted and professionally organized company that does what it can to be as economically friendly as possible. Punctuality and professionalism is our main priority. Our crew will show up uniformed, well mannered, and will get the job done efficiently.

About 80 % of junk removed is recycled. We are a new company with a lot of creative ideas to increase this number.


Our Moto for recycling junk is; If we can we will. We are an environmentally conscious organization, and keeping our planet green for the future generations is a priority. There are dedicated recycling centres for the majority of your junk. A great amount of effort is focused towards donating the remainder of the odds and ends if possible.


All non-recyclable materials are brought to the dump to be broken down and sorted accordingly. For example, all wood, plastic, and metal will be separated and brought to dedicated recycling centres. Unfortunately not all items can be recycled but they are disposed of appropriately.


Donating is a great way to give back. We have various organizations we work with that provide us with a means to get things like furniture, clothing, and appliances to families who need it.

By increasing the amount of material donated and recycled, and diverting this material away from landfills we lower our negative impact on the planet.

People like you and I are starting to realize the impact we have on our planet, and consequences if we don’t turn things around. We are enthusiastic about the future and by helping us clean this planet up we can ensure that this world is safe to live on for lifetimes to come.

Call us and lets get the planet cleaned up!