Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal Services - Recycle Junk West Island of MontrealAppliance removal on your behalf. If you’ve ever tried to move a fridge or stove, you know it’s a difficult job without help. Aside from the heavy lifting dangers associated with appliance removal, improper disposal can also harm the environment.

Many old appliances contain ozone-depleting chemicals that disperse into the air when left to break down in a landfill. Taking the proper steps to handle your appliance removal responsibly not only preserves your back health, but the health of the environment as well.

Responsible Appliance Removal

Recycle Junk provides responsible appliance removal. We’ve got the inside scoop on appliance recycling, and the equipment necessary to safely remove your old appliances without you having to damage your back, or your home. If  your old appliance is still in working condition, we will be able to donate it to charity.

We can help you get rid of your old fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microway, washer and dryer,

If you have any questions about junk removal, we invite you to contact us today. You can reach us by phone at 1.844.744.5865  or book your junk removal appointment online. We will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival window. When we arrive, all you need to do is point to the junk you want removed and we will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive price. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll haul everything away from wherever the items are located. We recycle and donate your junk whenever possible.