Recycle Junk attended on November 8th, 2015 the Dare To Be Your Most Radiant Self Symposium.

Sharon Cohen, a well-known Naturopath and speaker, and Bhaskar Goswami, a widely respected Yogi and Founder of Daana, were the primary facilitators for the day and lead the participants through a number of different exercises specifically designed to help them focus their energy and intentions on moving their lives forward in the direction they love.

Along with these activities, Susan Wener also joined the event as a key note speaker. Susan is a two time cancer survivor and shared her amazing life story and how she discovered that it’s not what life brings you but how you deal with the circumstances that matters most.

As much as the Symposium is focused on helping women to live their most radiant lives, it is also dedicated to giving something back to the community.
There was a number of different exhibitors onsite at the event sharing their valuable products and services and the organizers are also gave space to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre to share information about their organization along with raising awareness about the valuable programs that they provide to individuals who are experiencing cancer.

A shoe and boot drive was organized and coordinated with Recycle Junk, Entourage, Soles 4 Souls and GoBac – They were also exhibitors at the Symposium. With winter coming, there is a dire need for boots for the homeless. There is also a shortage of shoes specifically for women and are really needed to help support the many women who are living in shelters.

Thank you to all participants of the Symposium, there was donated close to 200 pairs of shoes and boots. Thanks to Martha Ortiz and the organisation at La Croisée de Longeuil, they received us with open arms. The shoes and boots will be re-purposed through this charity. IMG_1201